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Joe Hobson / Plymouth

Joe Hobson is not only the founder of Star Surf Camps and Mango Surfing, he is also an avid board collector from UK – here he is!

Who are you? Where are you living?
I’m living in Plymouth. In the UK.

When and how did you start collecting?
I grew up in Bournemouth. There was a local wakeboard shop that happened to have a Milch shaped MP fangtail on display. I fell in love with the board and when the shop closed years later I got first refusal. I have always worked in the surf industry. Be it as a 14 year old shop grom, surf coach, shop owner or surf holiday provider. Everything I do evolves around surfing and the boards I collect are an extension of that. I’m a bit of a hoarder and like any board that I find interesting. I appreciate different boards for different reasons but they have to excite me, which is usually from a surfers perspective, but I like any board with character, a story and personality.

Which was the first board of your collection?
A beauty 6’4 fang tail. Milch shaped with MP.

How many boards do you have?
100 ish.

Which is now your most preferred board?
I have a black beauty my wife got signed by Tom Curren. That’s pretty special to me. I have a couple of Zephyrs which I had to put some serious work into, a stunning Parrish BOLT and I’m really getting into pro riders too. I’m probably at the younger end of the spectrum for a surfboard collector, so for me I get just as much excitement from a personal rider of Andy or Kelly’s, then an MR or MP for example.

Are you surfing your vintage boards?
Haha most mind surf way better then they do in real life. I often take out an 80’s shortboard as my summer board here as they have heaps more volume but still can bottom turn. The boards I like are often aus/hawaiian imports made for real waves. I’d be a bit of a fool taking an 8ft gun out into 2ft slop here in the UK. 

Which one do you like to surf most?
I had Timmy Patterson do me a replica of Christian fletchers 90’s lowers model. That’s my everyday board. 

Who is your favorite surfer from the 60’s-90’s and why?
Tom Curren. Humble with flawless style, grace and power.

Who is your favorite shaper from the 60’s-90’s and why?
I can’t even begin to narrow that down. Anderson/MP/MR for AUS. Parrish/Lopez/Ho for USA/Hawaii. Ask me in a week and I’ll completely change my mind.

Where can we see your boards?
I have two surf shops. One in Cornwall where I display my best boards. The other in Plymouth where the other 90 are on display.

Instagram: surfboardcollector
1 Drakes Circus, The Moneycenter, Plymouth PL1 1QH



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