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Been in Surf Industry since 1962, family owned and operated, deal in all things surf also some skateboards and hawaiiana.
We repair and restore boards as well as ship globally from our website.
California Gold Surf Auction

The California Gold Surf Auction serves the global audience of premium surfboard and surf memorabilia collectors providing perpetual access to the marketplace. With decades of historical expertise, and millions of dollars in sold inventory, we are uniquely positioned to curate, preserve and share culturally significant surfboards and collectibles. Discretion, trust and passion are foundational pillars our buyer and sellers count on to maintain the integrity of the the market and their investments. Our constantly adapting technological innovation allows around the clock access and the ability to be involved; anyplace, anywhere, anytime.
Cheater-Five Vintage Surf

We offer vintage used surfboard reconditioning and twist removal, all done with exceptional high grade quality. We buy vintage Surfboards, and sell Vintage Surfboards world-wide.
Classic Surfboards & Memorabilia

We are a business dedicated to preserving the history of surfing through buying and selling vintage and classic surfboards. We aim to provide a platform for collectors, surf museums and enthusiasts to easily find exactly what they are looking for.
We only source boards of good quality or high interest. We have moved away from large restorations but still regularly fix up boards to make them water tight and worthy of hanging - keeping as original as possible.
If you are a first time collector looking for a display surfboard for your home or business we have a large range of boards to meet your decor needs.
For the hardcore collector we have rare boards available in stock. Plus a network of collectors looking to buy and sell boards on a daily basis.
We are located in Torquay on the Surf Coast and have been involved in the surf industry for over 30 years. At 76 years old, Rob, our main collector who can sadly no longer surf, has been collecting surfboards for over 50 years.
Island Trader Surf Shop

Island Trader has some very cool boards from the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s. Vintage beauties, each with its own story. Some of these retro surfboards are marked with a price, others are open for a bid…
New Jersey Vintage Surf Auction

We’ve been obsessively collecting the things we love for more than 20 years and are now offering them to you.
Our mission is to provide the best truly different one of a kind coastal vintage goods.
As purveyors of coastal nostalgia, we feel that each story is as important as the items themselves.
We hope that passing the items on along with the story will help to perpetuate the culture.
Tag us in your social media so we can see how you are living your best #RedDotGoods life.

Retro Surf Co was born from a love of surf culture, art & music.
Our aim is to share and appreciate the craftmanship and artistic genius of the designers, shapers and artists of years gone by. These masters crafted their works of art from blown foam, glass, resin and some draped their boards in mind blowing artworks. Skill, patience and imagination created these objects of desire to rebalance the world of mass produced boards built purely by machine.
Riding them makes you feel GOOD
Admiring their shape and beauty is an infinite pleasure ...
Admire, enjoy and be a board custodian for this generation and those to come.
Second Hand Boards

Second Hand Boards provides the ultimate free online platform for buying and selling vintage surfboards.
You may hear them referred to as retro, collectors, classic, or vintage surfboards – though for the owners of these boards they are purely pieces of art! And rightfully so – vintage surfboards come in various shapes and sizes and are the epitome of design and craftsmanship. This is precisely why vintage surfboard collection has grown massively in the past decade.
Though old surfboards can be found dating back to the beginning of the century, serious collectors’ most priced possessions hail from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s lively eras in surf culture.
Most popular retro styles are longboard singe fins and twin fin fish, and shapers include McCoys, Lightning Bolt and Hobie.
Modern shapers will often look to these vintage surfboards to draw inspiration for their current “vintage inspired” designs. So rest assured, the legacy will live on.
Vintage and collector surfboards aren’t always easy to find and ones in good condition certainly aren’t cheap. At SHB we aim to connect surfers to make buying and selling vintage surfboards easier than ever. Use our platform to sell or to find cheap vintage surfboards for sale!
Soul Surf

Our vision has always been to keep the true soul of surfing alive. Since 2005, we are proud to have been connecting collectors to vintage surfboards and memorabilia, ensuring each piece is kept in safe hands for future generations, and passed on to those who truly value the history of surfing. We have grown into something truly unique, with connections to collectors and surfers all over the world, with our boutique old school surf shop. Forever learning, with gratitude and patience, appreciating the connections and acknowledging the history.
Surf Legends

Welcome to Surf Legends / Vintage Surf Auction. We are extremely excited in this Auction Event being held completely online.
Surf Legends is proud to be featuring a long list of Greg Noll shapes - some are one-of-a-kind, very rare boards coming onto the market for the first time ever. The Noll family have been long time supporters of Mike Miggs and Surf Legends. We are blessed to have such great relations with Greg and his family.
Surf Station
Surfboard Hoard

Surfboard Hoard™ the worldwide source for vintage and collectible surfboards. From decorative surfboards to rare one-of-a-kind masterpieces, consistently providing the highest valued and desired surf craft from around the globe.
Established clients in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and the Americas. Fully insured worldwide shipping and rush delivery options available!

Surfing Cowboys was officially established in 1995 and in 1998, Wayne and Donna turned the front of their Venice Beach photo studio into a store. "Not a traditional antique shop, not a surf shop, not a museum, Surfing Cowboys seemed the appropriate name. "It broke loose of all the retail categories and gave them the freedom to evolve the business organically. People used to walk in and think they were walking into a living room." Wayne & Donna actually lived in the back of the store for several years.
Vintage Surfboard Garage

A curated collection of vintage surfboards from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s & 90's.
Built over 30+ years of surfing, good times and trade at Mordy Surf Shop, est. 1971 by industry legends, Mike 'Maui' Mannix and Murray 'Muzza' Whitelaw.
A unique opportunity to buy “rare” surfboards, handcrafted by the some of the best shapers in the world; shapers that defined surfing. From the past to the present.
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