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Nat Young / Angourie

Nat is a true surf legend, he had a huge impact on what we today call the short board revolution… This evolution step is documented in “The Morning of the Earth”…

Who are you? Where are you living/surfing/shaping?
Nat Young , 14/11/47, I live in Angourie with my wife, one son, Bryce, VISSLA free surfer, my daughter and her husband, Taylor Jensen, world longboard champ. I shape on our farm, an hour inland.

When and how did you start surfing?
Northern beaches of Sydney in 1961

When and how did you start shaping?
The mid 60’d I did a shaping apprenticeship with Gordon Woods Surfboards and went on from there.

Do you remember the first board you shaped?

©Ron Stoner

Which surfer had the biggest impact on your shaping?
Joey Cabell, Donald Takayama.

Which is the best board you have ever shaped back in the days? Who for?
For me, in Byron Bay, 1969 / 70 Classic Pintail, it’s in Morning of the Earth.

Which was the most important era for you?
As above.

Who is your favorite surfer from the 60’s-90’s and why?
Ted Spencer in the 60’s, in the 70’s Michael Peterson.

Who is your favorite shaper from the 60’s-90’s and why?
Donald Takayama, original in every respect and full of Aloha.



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